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How to create and self publish a print book with a lot of images and pictures By Brett Engle

This free guide walks step-by-step through the self publishing process for a print book with a lot of images, pictures, art, and/or a custom design.

I found self publishing to be kind of confusing. Most of the help & assistance seemed to focus on wordy books, not a picture-intensive book of imagery like mine. I was inspired to help. Creating your own book does take time, but the feeling of accomplishment is way worth it!
Maze Illustration by Brett Engle

Table of contents:

BulletBook concept / idea / storyline
BulletIntention: for sale or personal use?
BulletWill you self publish or find a publisher?
BulletWho will print it?
BulletDecide now on dimensions
BulletPaper type, color choices
BulletHardware & software needed
BulletPreparing all images for the book
BulletPreparing all text for the book
BulletCreating the inside pages document
BulletPlacing text and graphics onto your pages
BulletTitle, author name(s) & credits
BulletCover design: front, back, & spine
BulletExporting proof PDF files
BulletReviewing and proofreading your book
BulletExporting final PDF press-ready files
BulletUploading, ISBNs, and setting the price

Types of books this guide will be best at helping with:
• Comic Books
• Children's Books
• Graphic Novels
• Picture Books
• Scrapbooks
• Art Books
• Photography Books
• Sketchbooks
• Portfolios
• Books with a custom layout & design to the pages

Book Components Illustration by Brett Engle

Why does it matter what type of book I'm making? Isn't a book a book?
It matters because the creation process is different than it would be for books that have only text. In an image-intensive "picture" book, the images usually need to appear on certain pages next to certain text. Therefore each page must basically be custom designed.

This guide will focus on how to create and self publish a color or black & white printed book, from start to finish. Every effort was made to spend as little money as possible, and to do as much as possible for myself. Yet it wasn't 100% free, and you will need access to software for graphics.

People Illustration by Brett Engle

Support the author and download this entire guide ad free. Only 99 cents for the PDF. Click here! You are a person using the internet, so you are probably aware there are incredible books being published all over the world, on every subject imaginable. The literary world, books, and publishing companies are having to adapt to change almost every day. New authors have a staggering amount of options when it comes to publishing their dream book. To retain maximum control over the content, pricing, and profit, many authors choose to self publish their own work.

It is easier than ever to create your own professionally printed, self published book. The internet allows an author to choose from thousands of printers and publishers. And along the way there are many choices that will make your book unique. Let's start going over the details.

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