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How to create and self publish a print book with a lot of images and pictures
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Will you self publish or find a publisher?

This guide is intended to help those who want to self publish, but let's take a brief moment to consider what a publisher is, and the pros and cons to working with one.

On the positive side, a publisher of any size will have some ability to market your book, distribute it to some stores, and track sales. Large publishers can usually offer advance payment for your book, giving you paid time to work on it and make it great. On the less positive side, a publisher may ask you to make changes to your book's content that you may not be comfortable with. There will be an expectation that your book turns a profit. You will probably have to sign a lengthy contract with terms and restrictions.

Book People Illustration by Brett Engle

If you submit your work to publishers you may find they reject it, which is actually more common than not. It is not a personal rejection. Publishing companies can only work with a certain number of authors, so they must decide who they think will match their style and sell for them. If you think you have a book that's perfect for a certain publisher - tell them! Put your best foot forward and see what happens. I truly wish you the best in your endeavors! Do be cautious not to get involved with a publisher that wants money from you. In a publisher/author relationship, the cash should go to an author, not away from them.

Support the author and download this entire guide ad free. Only 99 cents for the PDF. Click here! For authors who want to retain maximum control over content, pricing, and potential profit, many are choosing to self publish. Some have made millions of dollars! Some have made thousands! Some have not profited at all, but had a great time expressing their art! It has never been as easy as it is today to create your own custom designed and professionally printed, self published book. Next, let's review some printer options.

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