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How to create and self publish a print book with a lot of images and pictures
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Who will print it?

Book Questions Illustration by Brett Engle To self publish there are hundreds of printers, publishers, and so-called "author services" ready to assist you at every stage in the book creation process, almost always for a fee. Some companies offer true value and a return on your investment, but you have to do lots of research. Start from a mindset of cautiousness before sending your money or hard work to anyone.

A primary goal for me was to self publish my book independently while spending as little money as possible.
I looked around and researched several companies. Eventually, I decided to use CreateSpace, an Amazon company.

I chose CreateSpace for these reasons:
• Easy to navigate website
• Professional print quality
• They print books on demand, so you can order 1 copy or a lot of copies
• Finished books are easily sold on in the US and Europe
• They supply you with a free ISBN (more on this later)
• Fair royalties on sales

Support the author and download this entire guide ad free. Only 99 cents for the PDF. Click here! I recommend checking out CreateSpace to self publish your printed book, but obviously you are free to use whatever printer or service you want. I make no guarantee of their services, I am simply a satisfied customer.

Other printers & self publishing services you may want to check out: Lightning Source, BookBaby, Lulu, Smashwords. Do you recommend a better one not listed here? Please let me know!

This guide will help you create a book regardless of which printer you choose.
The process is extremely similar, with minor variations once you are preparing the final press-ready files. If you are using a different printer, consult with them to get their particular specifications. You can contact me if you have questions and I will try my best to help.

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