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How to create and self publish a print book with a lot of images and pictures
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Title, author name(s) & credits

Book Questions Illustration by Brett EngleNow that the inside pages of your book are well underway, it is time to collect and finalize more important details about your book. If these details are not finalized now, you will have a difficult time changing them after this step and you run the risk of making errors in consistency. It is time to decide some things. You are getting close to finishing!

In a new text file on your computer, type out the details below for your book. Take your time and make sure you properly spell, punctuate, and format all of the details the way you want them to read. You will use this text for the cover of your book, your book's copyright page, and these will be the details that become searchable if your book goes for sale online.

Book Title:
Book Subtitle: (only if you want one)
Primary Author Name:
Contributor Name(s): (this might be coauthors, illustrators, editors, translators, etc. if you have them)

Support the author and download this entire guide ad free. Only 99 cents for the PDF. Click here! If you plan to include a copyright page in your book, here is an example of how they are typically formatted:

Copyright © (Year) by (Primary Author Name)
All rights reserved.
ISBN: (we will go over ISBN's in an upcoming step)

Is my book actually copyrighted?
If you are in the United States your copyright is technically granted as soon as you create the book. It is still recommended that authors submit their finished work to the United States Copyright Office. There is a small fee to upload a PDF of the book. (In an upcoming step I will walk you through how to create a finalized PDF of your book.) Registering the copyright will ensure you have a paper trail for defending ownership should you ever need to. It is also a proud moment of accomplishment many authors look forward to.

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