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Ordering Help

I am having trouble ordering. Can you help?
Please contact me immediately with your question or issue and I will help in any way I can. You will receive a personal response in 24 hours or less.

Print Book

Can you tell me more about your print book?
The print version of Beside Myself, Words + Art is available in paperback. 40 beautiful full color pages, 40# paper stock, 7 x 10 inches, with glossy cover. Self published in 2013 and available on CreateSpace and Amazon.


Can you tell me more about your PDF eBook?
The digital version of Beside Myself, Words + Art is formatted for ideal viewing on a computer or tablet screen. 42 pages. 1536 x 2008 pixels. Beautiful full color pages throughout. You can download the PDF eBook directly from Payhip.

How do I view the PDF eBook on my computer?
After purchasing the PDF eBook from Payhip, you will be sent a link to download. To open and view PDF files you must download Adobe Reader, available for free. Once Reader is installed, open the PDF file and enjoy!

How do I view the PDF eBook on my tablet device?
After purchasing the PDF eBook from Payhip, you will be sent a link to download. Once the PDF file is successfully downloaded to your computer, drag the icon into your iTunes Library. (Or in iTunes access the "File" menu and select "Add to Library") Once the PDF is in your library, sync your device and enjoy!

Art Cards

What are Art Cards?
They are greeting cards, 5x7 inches, illustrated by me and suitable to give away or nice enough to place on display. Art Cards are professional quality, archival, and good for the earth! Printed on bright white 100% post-consumer cardstock using real liquid ink on an HP digital printing press. Blank inside. Includes white envelope.

How much are Art Cards and how are they shipped?
Art Cards are $3.00 each, printed locally in Minnesota and shipped by hand from me directly. U.S. orders ship for a flat rate of $3.75. I use Paypal to collect payment. Contact me if you have questions, for special orders, or shipping outside the U.S.

General Questions

What's the difference between visual art and fine art?
Visual art like illustration and graphic design usually involves an art director or client with the authority to instruct changes they want made. You are working for them. Fine art is usually created by an artist who is setting their own artistic parameters. In the end they are all trying to communicate a message.

Is it really expensive to hire you?
Nope! I'm fast and cheap and always interested in opportunities. We can discuss what help you need and what your budget is. No project is too big or too tiny. Let's start talking.

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